The Inherent “Individuals”-The first exhibition of W-CROW
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The Inherent “Individuals”-The first exhibition of W-CROW

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“Untitled” oil on canvas 1200×1000


“Untitled” oil on canvas 1000×1000

Seven seconds of ‘expression’, an inherent ‘individual’.

The subject is not a person, but a ‘personality’. The two assume the personality of the person through conversation, adjust their feelings, and draw a painting with strokes from the mind and body.

Alone, the artist draws sensitive lines; the strokes of the two are improvisational.
The work, created by short but long, tension-filled strokes of seven seconds, reflects the deepest mental images of a moment cut out of time and space, forgetting philosophy and returning to nothingness.

Principles and Philosophy for the activities of Tarohei and Meg Nakagawa’s unit “W-CROW”.
Our two activities do not add up to four, but are always ZERO, always metabolizing, being honest about what we represent and refraining from it, not sticking to our activity history and not leaving it behind, always returning to nothing, not having a philosophy, everyday life is our activities.

Selected W-CROW activities
2009 Started activities after encountering the artworks of Peter Fischli and David Weiss
2009 Governor & Two Artists Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania,
2011 Cultural exchange through a two-person calligraphy exhibition, St. James Temple, Malta
2012 “Vegetarian Raw Food” Minami Aoyama Community Activity
2018 “With the Feeling of a Rabbit” Video and Music
2019 “Talking with the fir tree and the Moon” Video and Music
2020 Project to transform the Kyoto Old Post Office Building into an art space
2022 Project to reconstruct the Nihonbashi Building in Tokyo
2023 Curation of the En blanc Objects Exhibition
2023 Curation of the exhibition “Inherent Individual”

The Inherent “Individuals” Kyoto Exhibition
Wednesday, August 9 through Saturday, August 19, 2023
Open: Wed, Thu, Fri, and Sat 12:00-17:00

The Inherent “Individuals” Tokyo Exhibition
Friday, October 6 through Saturday, October 28, 2023
Open: Wed, Thu, Fri, and Sat 12:00-17:00