Tarohei NAKAGAWA photo exhibition “Inner Being – Holy Person”
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Tarohei NAKAGAWA photo exhibition “Inner Being – Holy Person”

Tarohei NAKAGAWA photo exhibition
“Inner Being – Holy Person”

Friday 7 July – Saturday 5 August
Tarohei Gallery, Tokyo

The first photography exhibition by Tarohei NAKAGAWA will be held in Japan entitled “Inner Being – Holy Person”, who has been involved in organizing exhibitions and curating artists in Japan and abroad, including at the National Art Centre, Tokyo.

Tarohei NAKAGAWA has been active in a multitude of artistic fields. One of these is the two Tarohei Galleries, located in the east and west of Japan – Tokyo and Kyoto. One in Nihonbashi, Tokyo opened in April 2023 and the other in Nishi-Honganji West, Kyoto will open in August 2023. The exhibition “Inner Being – Holy Person” will be held in the former Tarohei Gallery in Tokyo.

Tarohei NAKAGAWA respects and endorses invitations to cultural exchanges with other countries, and has participated in exhibitions abroad. “Inner Begin – Holy Person” will be his first solo exhibition in Japan.

Each person in the world (on Earth) has unique psychological traits.
The Japanese have a profound ‘spirituality’ art and culture through their sensitivities.
Tarohei Nakagawa’s work captures the depths of that ‘spirituality’ aspect.

Selected activities of Tarohei NAKAGAWA

2005 Invited to NY DUMBO ART FESTIVAL.
2009 Two-person exhibition with Governor Yoan, Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum, Romania.
2011 Cultural exchange through a two-person calligraphy exhibition, St James Temple, Malta.
2011 I FOUGHT THE X AND THE X WON, National Art Gallery of Malta.
2012 Face Photo exhibition by Tarohei Solo exhibition, National Art Gallery of Malta.
2019~ Nana Exhibition by an art organization named Nanakusa-kai, National Art Center Tokyo.
2020 Project to convert the Kyoto Old Post Office Building into an art space.
2022 Project to reconstruct the Tokyo Nihonbashi Building.
2023 Curation of En blanc Objects Exhibition.