Seiko Matsushita Solo Exhibition “In Search for Inner Voice ー Falling Toys”
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Seiko Matsushita Solo Exhibition “In Search for Inner Voice ー Falling Toys”

Seiko Matsushita Solo Exhibition
“In Search for Inner Voice ー Falling Toys”

Tarohei Gallery, located in Nihonbashi-Honcho, Tokyo, is pleased to present “In Search for  Inner Voice – Falling Toy”, a solo exhibition by Seiko Matsushita from Friday, 5th May to Saturday, 27th May.

Seiko Matsushita is an artist who burst onto the contemporary art scene in the 1990s with her installations using large, uneven spheres made of cement, and steel frames. Since then, up to the present day in various parts of the world, she has presented a diverse range of works, including three-dimensional works such as cushions and dresses expressed using materials such as paraffin paper, feathers and wax, as well as performances in which she/other performers actually wear(s) paraffin dresses, objects and drawings with a beak motif, and animations expressed in strangled colours.
Her works, created through deep insight into the inner life of human beings, sometimes take on a feminine form but have the power to liberate or gouge out the depths of human beings of which we are unaware.

Artist: Seiko Matsushita
Title: “In Search for Inner Voice – Falling Toys”

Venue: Tarohei Gallery
(Nihonbashi Tarohei Building, 1-7-12 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Date: Friday 5 May –Saturday 27 May 2023
Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat 12:00-19:00
Reception: Friday 5 May 2023 18:00 –

〈Artist’s Statement〉
The society that surrounds us in our daily lives is full of infantile and adorable things.
Some are linked to neoteny and some are attachment-oriented, sometimes struggling with bombs inside to go off.
Speaking of me, I have become a heterogeneous chimera made of a bird’s beak (defence and supply), Pinocchio’s long nose and a fragile, polyhedral body, floating through the flux between boundaries, trying to find my inner voice.

<About the exhibition>
In today’s quietly progressing totalitarianism, it is easy to lose sight of the true meaning of truth and freedom, trapped in social values already fostered before we have an opinion. The toys and cute things that are the subject matter of Matsushita Makiko’s work speak not only to the gentle gaze of adults towards children and the obsession that children have had with these things but also to the approval and distorted gaze towards infantile nature. Using seemingly feminine and maternal motifs, the works, created with overwhelming expressive power, present us with a reflection on the artist’s own surface and depths.

<Artist’s Profile>

Born in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, and lives in Kanagawa Pref.
Graduated from Kyoritsu Women’s University
Learned metalworking.

〈Selected Solo Exhibitions〉
2022 Mother’s Voice-Images for the animation(ALELIER・K, Yokohama)
2021 Plamenné sukně(The Flammable Skirts)
(UMAKART Gallery/Brno/Czech Republic)
Inviolable Paraffin dress-Ribbon Campaign
(Gakushuin Women’s University Cultural Exchange Gallery, Tokyo)
2022  Home Tongue(RED AND BLUE Gallery, Tokyo)
2018  The Eve of Revolution 2 – When the Scene Changes(RED AND BLUE Gallery, Tokyo)
2017  Gun-zo(Gallery Hasu no hana, Tokyo )
2016  Security Blanket(performance & interview)(Gallery Le Deco, Tokyo)
2014  Foreign Objects Inside Me – Violence(Toho Gallery, Tokyo)
2012  Foreign Objects Inside Me(Soh Gallery, Tokyo)
2010  INNER – She is Busy for Herself(Soh Gallery K3, Tokyo)
2002  Security Blanket(performance & interview)(Art Positions, Marseille, France)
2001  Zone of Retardation(Galerie M. Presse, Solingen, Germany)
Security Blanket(performance & interview)(Koln Altstadt, Germany)
2000  Self Portraits(Anazai Art Office, Tokyo)
1999  Galleria Chimera, Tokyo
1998  Retardation(Gallery Kurama, Tokyo)
1997  Receptacle-Profound Tidings (Gallery Informuse, Tokyo)
1994  The Existence of the Impulse Facing the Circle(Gallery NIKKO, Tokyo)
1992  Smile(Gallery K, Tokyo)

〈Selected Group Exhibitions〉
2022  Galleri Heike Arndt(Berin, Germany and Kettinge, Demark)
2021  Loop beyond Art(Art Gallery CHIKA, Tokyo)
Das Framed inder ls Isolation(Halle Zollstock, Koln, Germany)
2019  The Shouts and Murmurs of Women – The vulnerable collective will change the World
(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2017  Not Saying the Truth(HAGISO, Tokyo)
2015  HOSPITAL ART(Hasu no hana, Tokyo)
2013  Seeking for Undiscovered(Dokutsugendai, Kanagawa)
5 Exhibition(Toho Gallery, Tokyo)
2012  ART Tanoshima 39(open-air exhibition, Toyohash)
2010  The 25th Anniversary Exhibition(Soh Gallery K3, Tokyo)
2006  Art Full (Koganei City Hakeno-mori Art Museum, Tokyo)
2000  One Minute World Festivals(animation)(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2001 Belle de jour(Atelierhaus Suesterfeld, Aachen, Germany)
Zalzmannbau(Dusseldorf, Germany)
1999  Zoomo, Stadtische Kunstsammlun(Eschweiler, Germany )
1998  Tokyo Rooms(Gallery Article, Koln, German)
1996  Nature-Material and Image
(The Artist House Jerusalem & The Ein Harod Museum of Art, Israel)
1995  Art Festival in Tsumakoi Kogen(open air sculpture)(Tsumakoi Kogen, Kunma Pref.)
1992  Korean Culture Foundation Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea
SEISEI(Chonon Gallery, Korea)