Daniel Machado exhibition ‘Tango x 3 (Tango por tres)’
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Daniel Machado exhibition ‘Tango x 3 (Tango por tres)’

The photography exhibition ‘Tango x 3’ by Daniel Machado will open on 14 April (Friday).

Tarohei Gallery, located in Nihonbashi Honcho, Tokyo, is pleased to present “Tango x 3 (Tango por Tres)”, an exhibition of photographs by Uruguayan photographer Daniel Machado, from Friday 14 April to Wednesday 3 May.

With roots in Latin America, Daniel Machado captures aspects of society and life from a complex perspective, having lived in multiple countries – Uruguay, Argentina, Spain and Japan. His work is somewhat nostalgic, yet surrealistic and magic realistic, and the impression the viewer gets from the works differs depending on the country and cultural background of the viewer’s birthplace.

The theme of this exhibition, Tango x 3 (Tango por tres), is tango, which Daniel Machado has been familiar with since childhood. Today, the boundaries are becoming blurred in all kinds of fields, including the arts. The same is true in the world of tango, which is becoming increasingly hybridised, incorporating other genres. Daniel Machado’s images of people enjoying tango seem to reflect today’s crossover society, while at the same time evoking a sense of nostalgia for the good old days.

Daniel Machado exhibition ‘Tango x 3 (Tango por tres)’

Dates: 14 (Fri) April – 3 (Wed) May 2023.
(Open Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat 12:00-19:00)
Opening Reception will be held from 18pm on 14 April.

From the series ‘Tango Confusion’.

In this solo exhibition, the artist will present three series on the subject of tango: Tango Confusion, Legs and Bandoneon and Music Lucky Hole. The New Tango is a style in which unique dancers incorporate movements from other genres and dance, which are then imitated and repeated to create a single style. Tango Confusion is a kind of parody of this worldview. Legs and Bandoneon is a photographic work consisting of a tango dancer’s legs in sensual braided tights and the bandoneon, the instrument that plays tango music, creating a sensual yet somehow object-like beauty. The ‘Music Lucky Hole’ series is a surreal, playful work featuring a gramophone and a female model.

From the series ‘Legs and Bandoneon’

From the series ‘Music Lucky Hall’

About Daniel Machado

Born 1973, Montevideo, Uruguay. Lives and works in Tokyo.
Freelance photographer and researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Rikkyo University.
Studied architecture and computer graphics at IEC, University of the Republic of Uruguay.
Studied photography at FCU, Montevideo, and GrisArt international school of photography, Barcelona, Spain.

Solo exhibitions ・Group exhibitions(excerpt)
2016 ‘Bajo el cielo azul’. National Theatre Solis photo gallery. .
2014 ‘Tango Oriental’ Korea Foundation .
2012 Contemporary Uruguayan Artists, IDB Cultural Centre, Washington, D.C.
2012 “Tango” Daido Moriyama + Daniel Machado Traumaris Space Gallery, Tokyo 2011 About Change, World Bank, Washington, D.C.
2010 “Miguelete Jailhouse” Gallery Tantempo, Kobe, Japan
2009 “The Man Who Imprisoned” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo
2008 “Dia a Dia” Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma, Rome
2008 “Descubrimientos” PhotoEspaña, Madrid
2007 “Selecciones ZoneZero” Siggraph-07, San Diego.
2007 “Tango Confusion” Tabaris Gallery, Montevideo.
2006 “Arquigrafías”. Arte x Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires.
2005 “El Proyecto Rodelu”, Cate Palace (Republican Museum), Rio de Janeiro.
2005 “Rodelu Hospital”, Centro Municipal de Fotografia, Montevideo.
2005 Uruguayan contemporary photography, ABC TreeHouse gallery, Amsterdam. 2004 La Familia Rodelu, Goethe-Institut, Montevideo
2002 “Transarchitecture”, FADU University of the Republic of Uruguay, Montevideo